The One That Got Away.

Last week we had a goose stolen from us by another hunter. Please be courteous of others around you. Here’s a list of Do’s and Dont’s.


  1.  Don’t encroach on someone else’s spot. If they got there first, go find another hole.
  2.  Quit calling when ducks are working another hunter’s spread. If he has their attention, let him have them.
  3.  Don’t be a sky-buster. Avoid taking shots that are at marginal range. Sky-busting is unsporting, and it results in too many cripples that aren’t recovered.
  4.  Don’t block boat ramps or parking areas any longer than necessary. Be ready to launch with all your gear loaded in, plug installed and straps undone when it’s your turn to launch.
  5.  Be respectful of hunters in boats with less horsepower than you have. When passing another boat, ease around it with as little wake as possible. Don’t shine a spotlight in another boat driver’s eyes.
  6.  Don’t violate a friend’s trust. If he takes you to a secret spot on a public area, don’t go back there without his knowledge or permission. And never take others there.
  7.  Remember that the Golden Rule certainly applies to hunting on public areas. In all regards, treat others as you would like to be treated. Such respectful behavior will translate into better hunting and greater pleasures for all who must share an area.

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  1. delgati

    Pretty good rules to live by!

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